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Managing Passwords – Use a Password Keeper

Password Keeper

Increase your password security

With a digital world comes the ability to access secure information using passwords. Because we can do tasks like banking, shopping, and joining clubs online; password protection is essential and one of the best things you can do is use a password keeper.

But there has been no shortage of stories about websites which people have broken into and stolen sensitive information. Even though this is an unfortunate possibility, there are ways to protect against this vulnerability while enjoying other helpful features such as being automatically logged onto a site once you open it.

Using a Password Keeper

Password keeper applications help you create secure passwords and manage them easily. Programs like LastPass and 1Password are excellent examples of these applications and have some great features:

  • They can automatically generate extremely secure passwords
  • They store your passwords in the strongest way possible to avoid them being stolen
  • They can allow a designated person to access your passwords in the program in case of an emergency
  • They have phone applications and websites where you can access your passwords if you forget them
  • You can also organize and manage the sites you have passwords for easily
  • They automatically log you into sites
  • You only ever have to remember your ‘master password’, the application takes care of the rest

Applications like this not only act as a safe method to create and store passwords, they allow you to manage them easily and remove the need to remember every new password you create. We recommend LastPass or 1Password.