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Bookmark Sync

Take control of your bookmarks

With a plethora of information out there, keeping websites to access for later is an important skill. Bookmarking is simply saving a site like you would do a page in a book. It used to be that you bookmarked the website on one computer, and accessed the site on the same computer. Today, with smartphones and using computers in different places, bookmarking and accessing those bookmarks (or favorites) on one computer is not enough. Ideally you want to be able to access your bookmarks anytime on any device. Bookmark sync is the way forward, and thankfully there are a couple of really great ways to achieve this.

There are now several browser plug-ins that will sync your bookmarks across each of your devices. A plug-in is something you add to your Internet browser that either runs in the background, or has an icon that sits under your search bar that you hit when you want to use it. One such plug-in is called XMarks and is available for free for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Bookmark sync with XMarks

This browser add-on and associated bookmarking technique has many benefits:

  • All your bookmarks are kept in sync across different computers and devices
  • Keeps your bookmarks safe and accessible online in case your computer crashes, you never lose your bookmarks
  • You can organize your bookmarks in folders
  • You can restore lost bookmarks
  • You can set up multiple profiles so you can save bookmarks in various ways or for multiple people
  • It works seamlessly without you having to think about it
  • Usually there is a smartphone app you can use to access the bookmarks

This bookmarking technique is great. It lets your bookmarks evolve with your changing interest and changing sites, while allowing you to keep them all organized and accessible anywhere.