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Your Phone as a Virtual Assistant

The term virtual assistant has taken on a whole new meaning today. It is no longer a person that sits at a desk near you at work or someone you hire for personal needs. Virtual assistants come attached to your mobile device. The most popular example is Siri, which is Apple’s virtual assistant. Using it […]

Keyboard Shortcut Tips

In life, we are often told there are no shortcuts to success. When it comes to using a computer, that is the furthest thing from the truth. Keyboard shortcuts refer to the practice of pressing a combination of keys to carry out a specific action, this can be much quicker than using your mouse to […]

Start Menu Windows 10 Fix

Some people who run Windows 10 have recently reported that their start menu has stopped responding both to left clicks and also a single press of the Windows key. However, in nearly all of these cases right clicking or pressing the Windows key and X brings up the usual system functions. If you’re suffering from […]

Phone Notifications

You have probably heard someone at some point utter the phrase, “How did I ever survive before my smartphone.” Those people are probably like me – a little older. Having had the experience of life without a smartphone makes me appreciate phone notifications so much. Phone notifications push the information you choose directly to your […]

Phone Dictation

Voice recognition has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and used properly phone dictation can now provide very high levels of accuracy. Nowadays, you can dictate what you want to say in an email or document through your mobile device or computer without the need for expensive and complicated software. It not […]

Phone Texting Options

Texting is the new way to communicate in today’s world. According to PEW research, some 83% of American adults own cell phones and three-quarters of them (73%) send and receive text messages. However, once you send the text through mobile smartphones’ standard texting applications, you cannot undo or unsend the message. This implies that an […]

Find Free Blog Images

Finding images on the Internet is simple. In most search engines, when you search for a topic, there is usually a small section in the search results that shows images. Alternatively, there will be an image option at the top of the search screen you can click on to see any images matching your search terms. If you […]

Managing Passwords – Use a Password Keeper

With a digital world comes the ability to access secure information using passwords. Because we can do tasks like banking, shopping, and joining clubs online; password protection is essential and one of the best things you can do is use a password keeper. But there has been no shortage of stories about websites which people […]

Change Router Channel

There are many factors which can affect the speed and range of your router’s wifi signal. Some, like the thickness and composition of the walls in your home or office, the distance between the router and device you’re using it with, and the quality of the router itself may be problems you can’t overcome without […]

Useful Alt Codes

The chances are that your computer keyboard does not provide you with every character you’re ever going to need. For example, users of US keyboards may not have access to a Euro (€) symbol, and UK keyboards certainly don’t contain the Spanish ‘ñ’ character…indispensable if you ever need to write mañana. While Microsoft Windows includes […]