Keyboard Shortcut Tips

Keyboard Shortcut Tips

Save time with Keyboard Shortcuts

In life, we are often told there are no shortcuts to success. When it comes to using a computer, that is the furthest thing from the truth. Keyboard shortcuts refer to the practice of pressing a combination of keys to carry out a specific action, this can be much quicker than using your mouse to select an option from a menu or toolbar.

Some keyboard shortcut tips are universal across all programs while some are unique to the program you use. If you wanted to, you could work your way through many tasks on a computer with keyboard shortcuts. You could never touch a mouse. However, that might get frustrating and take too long.

Also, depending on the type of computer you use will depend on what keys do what command. Below is a list of some of the actions you can do with keyboard shortcuts. To find a more in-depth list for your specific computer, do a web search for “keyboard shortcuts for (insert your computer type)”.

Basic Keyboard Shortcut Tips

  • Cut text
  • Copy text
  • Paste text
  • Take a picture of your screen
  • Change applications
  • Print
  • Open applications
  • Minimize applications
  • Make applications larger

Keyboard shortcuts are a great time saver and easy to learn. Even if you pick two or three you use regularly, they will be a great asset. For example, I prefer to use shortcuts to copy and paste the most. On my Mac to copy text, I highlight what I want to copy and press the Command and C keys (Ctrl and C on a PC). To paste, I place the cursor where I want the text and press the Command and P keys (Ctrl and V on a PC. It is like second nature to me at this point, and can be for you with some practice.