Change Router Channel

Change Router Channel

Changing your Wifi Channel

There are many factors which can affect the speed and range of your router’s wifi signal. Some, like the thickness and composition of the walls in your home or office, the distance between the router and device you’re using it with, and the quality of the router itself may be problems you can’t overcome without spending some money. But anyone can change the router channel for free and this can have a positive effect on your transfer speeds.

How to Change the Router Channel

Login to your router by typing its address in your browser of choice – generally this will be If that doesn’t work, type cmd into the Windows Run or Search box, and then ipconfig into the command window; look for the Default Gateway – that will be your router’s IP address. After you open the router’s login page, it will probably ask for a username and password (normally admin and admin – if this doesn’t work, check the bottom of the router as it’s probably listed there). Once you have opened your router’s administration page, open the wireless settings area and look for the Channel setting. It’s almost certainly set to Automatic, which will work okay in the majority of situations, but you’ll notice that there are 13 channels available to choose from.

Which Wifi Channel to Choose
Almost always channels 1, 6 or 11 are the best choice, since these are the only three which don’t overlap. To find out which is best, either use trial and error, or better still the free inSSIDer Home utility (available for Windows, Mac and Android). Among other things this will help you find the least wifi channels with the least congestion in your immediate vicinity.